Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Meatwagon at The Rye - waaaay down South, where the sound of cicadas...

This is what I'm having the next time!
I was only joking about the cicadas although - who knows? - there may well be cicadas in Peckham after all, there are palm trees in Haringey.  Enough of the flora and fauna and on with the burgers with me getting silly with my Philly.

Before that it was the private cocktail hour du notre jour or as you may know it from previous posts, it was off to Scarlett and Rhett's for cocktails made by the prettiest shaker I know.

Loved Up
We started with Loved Up, which slipped down a treat and followed with something deliciously inventive the Scarlett Special, perhaps?  We didn't name it then but we did follow with a Vesper, yum, yum.

My Vesper
We were also graced with the presence of her furriness.  Come on, you didn't think I'd get through a Peckham post without a picture of...

Her Furry Purriness
Check out those whiskers.  Do you think cats admire each others' whiskers the way we do eyelashes?  A kitty conversation would go something like this "what long glossy whiskers you have, do you do anything special to keep them like that?" to which Misty would reply, "nothing at all, I'm just naturally blessed with whiskers galore".  A feline fantasy forsooth.

It was only a short stroll to the Meatwagon at The Rye.  There's little point in giving the weblink at this stage as we slipped in last week with a sliver of 'slaw to go (their residency at The Rye ends this week).  So what I will do is give the link to their little tease of a site where something big burger-wise will be happening on 11/11/11.  In the meantime, we ate this...

anti-clockwise (l-r) onion rings, fries, green chili cheeseburger, more fries, cheeseburger, coleslaw, Philly cheese steak
A word about the cheese steak, where I got silly with my Philly.  Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but unfortunately (and I'm a big girl though not as big as I would be if I didn't go to the gym) I had 'other dish envy'.  I'm not too proud to admit it.  Occasionally, I wish I'd ordered what one of my fellow diners is having (or even someone at the next table, or even, let's be honest, a waiter/ress walking past with something that I want to eat instead of what I've actually ordered).  Sometimes, my eyes are too big for my stomach and I think I want to eat something as well as what I've ordered.  This is when I ask my friends to restrain me and/or my friends, being friends, restrain me whether I want to listen to stomach sense or not.

Very good Philly cheese steak
It really was delicious, but what I wanted was this.

Green chili cheeseburger
Rhett's green chili cheeseburger.  He truly is a lovely man because he let me have a nice big bite, which is not something one can do when it's an item of food which has been ordered by someone sitting at another table whom you do not know, nor can one accost random waiting staff carrying bits of food you fancy eating and snaffle it.  So, there you go, Rhett, what a gentleman.

Scarlett had the cheeseburger and very fine it looks too, and it's shown off to perfection by a perfect cross-section and a beautiful manicure.  We also ate..

Fries, which were very crispy, so much so that I couldn't actually taste a fluffy potato middle.

An utterly delicious coleslaw, coated with a thin dressing and refreshingly, made with red cabbage - excellent.

Onion rings
Exceptionally good onion rings.  The batter was even lighter than my other favourite, Byron (King's Road), a melt in the mouth experience.

Fine art
I loved the ambience and the art was great - medium rare and well-hung a great combination.

That's me, that is
I wish it were, I wish I could lounge about (looking like that), with a green chili cheeseburger resting on a side table.  Mind you, the sofas were comfy.  Look, here are Rhett and Scarlett at rest.  I promise you it is practically impossible to take a bad picture of Scarlett, she is quite terrifyingly photogenic, obviously like kitten, like kitten's carer (wonder if Misty's got a sister?).

Rhett and Scarlett blissed out
The Meatwagon at The Rye (soon to reincarnate as ???)

Score: 4 Miaows out of 5 (sorry guys, the missing point is for the disappointing fries)

Scores based on:
1 Miaow = Poor;
2 Miaows = Average;
3 Miaows = Good;
4 Miaows = Very Good
5 Miaows = Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins "Practically Perfect in Every Way"

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